Rez Girls fund

What is the Rez Girls Mentorship Fund?

B.YELLOWTAIL is committed to uplifting tribal and urban Native communities by creating thoughtful, positive change through our designs. “Rez Girls Can Do Anything” is a message specifically created to inspire and connect to some of the most vulnerable in our communities - including the women, girls, and two-spirit relatives  impacted by the MMIR (Missing & Murdered Indigenous Relatives) epidemic. We believe a powerful way to support our people is through community-based solutions that are centered in cultural values like love, care, honor and respect. That is why we’ve partnered with the Native Wellness Institute (NWI) for our "Rez Girls Mentorship Fund."

NWI is a Native-founded national non-profit, providing culturally-responsive wellness and healing-related training and technical a
ssistance to Native communities, tribes, and organizations throughout North America. Through our partnership, the Rez Girls Mentorship Fund will provide workshops, retreats and mentorship opportunities for young girls, women, and two spirit relatives. 

Rez Girls mentorship fund - byellowtail

Rez girls are everywhere, focusing on leadership, personal development, community-building, and nurturing healthy relationships. It is our intent to provide tools and meaningful experiences that will help Rez Girls live better in balance while carrying the strength of their grandmother’s grandmothers.

B.Yellowtail Campaign - Rez girls can do anything.



*Make sure to mention the “Rez Girls Fund” in the donation notes *