Sun Road Woman - Ese’heme’noa’e

Tribal Affiliation:

Northern/Southern Cheyenne + Jemez


I am a mother, wife, grandmother, traditional dancer who is still hitting the powwow trail with my granddaughter.

I was raised among my Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Montana Families. The Northern Cheyenne reservation has been our home for the past 36 years. I’m blessed with my wonderful husband, two sons, and their families. Creator blessed us with two granddaughters and four grandsons.

My journey into art began with helping my parents with their artwork. My father, the late Jimmie Little Coyote made warbonnets, shields, & lances. My mother, the late Juanita Fragua- Little Coyote painted pottery. Both were self taught artists.

Thanks to my parents, I’ve learned to make my way with the skills they taught me even when times are tough. I love blending traditional and contemporary styles with my creations.

Creating is my therapy and healing.