Founded by Owner and Designer Brittany Cheyanne Turner in 2018, Cheyanne Symone is a woman-owned indigenous business operating out of Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA.


"I started Cheyanne Symone in 2018 when I saw a need for elegant, high-quality and environmentally sustainable indigenous style beaded earrings that are versatile enough to be worn every day in a professional work environment and yet bold enough to make a statement. Cheyanne Symone is a combination of my identity as an environmental/energy scientist and an artist.

My design concepts are modern, reflective of contemporary Native American/Indigenous beadwork and my personal eye for color and design. Some pieces are tied to stories and causes while others embody minimalism and the beauty of simple elegance and sophistication. 

I aspire to grow Cheyanne Symone into a well-known brand that values environmentally conscious materials and innovates the representation of modern indigenous style fine seed bead jewelry in the mainstream American jewelry sector.

As the first in my extended family with a bachelors and masters degree I would love to see the future generations of my community, the Haliwa-Saponi people of Hollister, North Carolina, interweaving cultural identity and found passions into higher education degrees."

Tribal Affiliation: Haliwa-Saponi