Widdiss Triangle Earrings


Handmade By Jason Widdiss

Wampum was originally used to tell a story, be it birth, death, marriage, a treaty with another tribe. But it’s also given as a sign of respect and honor. 

Jason learned how to harvest and carve Wampum from his father. Through an extensive process, Jason ends up creating beautiful, one-of a kind, minimal jewelry from beautiful Quahog clam shells only found on the Northeast Coast of the U.S. He harvests his own wampum shells from the Aquinnah, MA area then cleans, carves and sands them down into his original designs.

  • Wampum shell pendant hand carved from clam shells only found on the East Coast
  • Pendant Size 0.5" W x 1 " L
  • Drop Length from Hook 1.5"


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