Fierce One Collectible Dolls - Harper, Helen, Chloe

Collectible Dolls by Carrie Moran McCleary.  
Handmade on the Crow (Apsaalooke) Nation. 
"Boozhoo! My name is Harper. I spend my afternoons helping out with my little brothers and sisters. I like to help my folks. I play soccer, and tennis too! When I go to college I maybe will play sports." 
"Boozhoo! My name is Helen. I like to read, read, read! I love all of the places you can go in a story. When I graduate from college, I will be a librarian at our college." 
"Boozhoo! My name is Chloe. I love summer because my family and I go to the mountains and camp. We swim and pick berries. In the winter I go to school and work very hard on my grade, I am and A&B student!" 

The "Fierce One" Doll Collection is inspired by Indigenous doers, thinkers, and innovators. Each doll is uniquely named with a thoughtful, detailed, backstory and reflects 10 hours of craftsmanship.  They represent young Indigenous people brimming with potential who are guided by their ancestors.  These dolls wear brightly colored ribbon t-shirts and ribbon skirts, reflecting contemporary styles because we, as Indigenous peoples, are always changing and redefining ourselves.  We are still here.
Measures: 18" inches height


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