Tribal Affiliation: Arikara/Hidatsa


Handmade in Bozeman, MT 


Currently based in Bozeman, MT, Shauna taught herself how to make moccasins after learning the ins and outs of shoe and boot repair through her job, working front of house at a cobbler shop. It was there she fell in love with the craft, smell of leather, and realized that she wanted to be behind the scenes, designing. She began creating a line of moccasins.

“My goal is to make strong, ruggedly handsome moccasins for all walks of life, but let the customer put their own flair into it. I’d love to broaden my shoe making ability and continue to design new styles with the best quality materials. I’ve noticed this line of work brings people together. They learn a little about me and I learn about them.

I’ve made my moccasins strong enough for all types of activity. I’d like to motivate the younger generations to remember that your mind and your hands should be used, not wasted. Life can be hard, but we choose how to live it. We can drown or swim laps. I chose to swim. I am an artist, designer, stylist, innovator, dreamer, moccasin maker and burgeoning cobbler.”

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