Tasha Abourezk is a member of the Three Affiliated Tribes. She credits her grandmothers to be her most significant source of inspiration. Still, she admits it took a few years for sewing to truly become a passion. "I found that with sewing and quilting, I could utilize textiles as a means to explore my heritage and personal experiences. It was like I was stitching together my culture into a contemporary interpretation that honored the past."
Tasha grew up living in national parks across the country and is still on the move today as a busy mom of four. She lives in Lincoln, NE, with her husband and kids and credits her busy family life for her tote bag designs.
The MHAZUETSA tote bag aims to flow seamlessly through the day-to-day go-go-go into fun, effortless nights. Mhazuetsa means sweetgrass and is Tasha's middle name passed down from her grandma and great-grandma. Like the tradition of passing on a family name, Tasha hopes her totes and bags are revered as heritage pieces passed from one generation to the next.
"As a mom, I understand the importance of high-quality goods that can transition with you while still allowing you to reflect your personal style. My tote bags have a minimal sophistication that speaks to the sweetness of life. I hope you will find the same joy in them for years to come that I did while creating them for you."