I am currently the Associate Director for a Cree nation in Northern Alberta, mostly working on consultation, negotiation and protection of land. I am a wife, daughter and sister. I am an avid outdoors woman, paddler, traveler, and photographer.

I have been creating art since I was a small child, and I learned initially from my mother who was taught by my grandmothers. Art runs in my family, and I feel the most connected to my ancestry and the most grounded when I am sewing.

My work is inspired by my Anishnaabe heritage, but is also influenced heavily by the time I have spent with the Cree people of the Rocky Mountains and the Dene people in the North. I am inspired by my grandmothers, who were quillwork artists, my mother, my father, who is a painter. I also owe a massive thank you to the Cree elders who have taught and continue to teach me the old ways, which inspire much of the work I do. I am inspired by the way art connects you to the land and to your culture.

I hope to pass on a legacy that my people can be proud of. I want young people to know you can be athletic and artsy, scientific and spiritual, a warrior and an artist. It is important to me that our youth take pride in who they are, and they value the art our people have created for generations.