Kussman X- Basket Cuff


Handmade by Kassie Kussman

  • Solid Copper
  • Size: 1 in x 6 in with a 1 inch gap
  • Suitable for a small to medium size wrists (but are very adjustable)
  • Sealed with museum grade wax polish to prevent deterioration from moisture and air exposure, but copper’s natural patina will still darken over time


To keep your pieces in the very best condition avoid contact with harsh chemicals, cosmetics, and chlorine. Copper naturally darkens over time by just being in contact with the air in the environment. When it comes in contact with any kind of acidity, like sweat, it can turn your skin green. It’s completely harmless and washes right off. 

To make your copper shiny and remove all patina, clean your piece with a little lemon juice and a soft cloth.

If you want to get in the crevices use a soft tooth brush.

Then rinse with warm water and dry.


Due to the unique nature of our platform, all of the items featured within the B.Yellowtail Collective are FINAL SALE.

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